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My AGU Day 1

I have decided to throw my contribution onto the pile and talk about my personal experience at the AGU Fall Meeting. Yesterday was my first day at the conference, and actually my first day at any large geologic conference period. The excitement I felt before arriving quickly turned to being overwhelmed once I saw the line of people waiting to register. I should have been tipped off about the massive amount of people that would be here once I started spotting people with hiking boots and posters in the Detroit airport. I don’t think I gave enough weight to just how many people attend this meeting, something that was driven home further when I went to look at the posters.

So many posters. So many people looking at posters.

I spent the first half of my day walking around with my friend Kristy looking at posters and trying to acclimate myself to the surroundings. I also played a game of Name Tag Bingo in my head by filling out my card with organizations and schools from across the world. I won every time. I do think it is funny that everyone stares at your name tag as you pass. My eyes are up here, guys.

(I am very guilty of name tag glaring)

Luckily the overwhelming size and lack of personal organization dissipated in the afternoon. I attended the section of “Water at the Ice Bed Interface” and watched a handful of very interesting talks. I personally enjoyed a strong yet concise talk given by Neil Humphrey from the University of Wyoming concerning subglacial channel flow connectivity. It was also interesting sitting across the aisle from people like Richard Alley whom I had watched give congressional testimonies and host his own television show.

Afterwards I was able to have inspiring conversations with faculty about research and where the science of geology may be going in the future. While I missed out on the Social Media Soirée, a fault of my own doing, I am reenergized and excited to head back today and do it all over again. I have more sections planned for this morning and will see how the rest of my day plays out from there.

*Please excuse some of the writing in this post. It is pretty early and I am writing this on a phone.

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