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Yesterday we got into the field and explored up within the glacial valleys of the MacGillycuddy’s Reeks. What initially started as a reconnaissance/site scouting mission soon turned into me collecting my first samples as we encountered a few boulders that were too good to pass up. As we kept moving further and further into the valley we kept finding more moraines. Eventually the weather turned sour and we had to call it a day. The high winds and horizontal rain were a little too much to tolerate on the second day.



The weather was worse today, especially up on the mountains, so we used this as an opportunity to drive out to the Dingle Peninsula and site scout some cirques. The peninsula is a beautiful area of Ireland with great views of the Atlantic Ocean from high cliffs. After driving the perimeter, we drove up and over Conor Pass to search out the cirques. Unfortunately the cloud cover wasn’t cooperating and it was difficult to determine if there were moraines or even boulders worth sampling. Fortunately we did find a cirque with an ice fall and the possibility of multiple sampling sites. It is also historically significant as the site were the ice ages were first recognized in Ireland.

Here is a nice view on the peninsula.



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