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Graded bedding is one of my favorite features to find in rocks when out hiking. In the rock are details of paleo-orientation (which way was originally up) and what the depositional environment was like. The basic concept to understand is that the heavier/larger sediments settle out first while being deposited and the lighter/smaller sediments settle on top. As I was digging through my fridge to find lunch another geologic food analogy dawned on me. Caesar Dressing is graded bedding! Not the creamy kind though. Next time you get a chance grab a bottle of Caesar dressing and shake it up; this will act as the turbidity current. Over the next few minutes watch as the heavier “sediments” like the salts settle to the bottom of the bottle first. Then watch as the next layer of intermediate sediments like romano cheese, anchovy bits, and spices settle, and finally the vinegars and oils settle on top.

Below are a few quick pictures I took of this process. The last one is annotated to really show the effect.



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